The smile of God awaits you…

You will be freed to the joy of life where there are no more fears, no more tears, no more hate, no more bloodshed, because you will be with the One who has already shed his blood for you, where love is supreme, grace abounds, and the consummate joy is of the soul. The smile of God awaits you: “Well done.”

“Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has entered into the heart of man, the things that God has prepared for them that love him,” 1 Corinthians 2:9 promises. Your eyes will now see and your hands will now touch that which is the only Real estate.

— Ravi Zacharias, written to Nabeel Qureshi prior to his death

How easy it is to stumble…

How easy it is to stumble if you don’t take the precautions long before and draw the lines well ahead of time.

Ravi Zacharias, from the Mirror for the Soul lecture

Love compelled is a precursor to loneliness…

The skeptic asks why God could not have made us to always choose good. Philosophers of note have raised this as the sharpest edge of their challenge to Christianity. But here, too, the challenge violates reason.

Alvin Plantinga of the University of Notre Dame, who is considered by many to be the most respected Protestant philosopher of our time, has made a strong and compelling argument against this challenge of the skeptic. He argues that this option bears a false view of what God’s omnipotence means. We must realize that God cannot do that which is mutually exclusive and logically impossible. God cannot make square circles. The terms are mutually exclusive. Continue reading

All religions are not the same…

The truth is that all religions are not the same. All religions do not point to God. All religions do not say that all religions are the same. In fact, some religions do not even believe in God. At the heart of every religion is an uncompromising commitment to a particular way of defining who God is or is not. Buddhism, for example, was based on Buddha’s rejection of two of Hinduism’s fundamental doctrines. Islam rejects both Buddhism and Hinduism. So it does no good to put a halo on the notion of tolerance and act as if everything is equally true. In fact, even all-inclusive religions such as Bahaism end up being exclusivistic by excluding the exclusivists!

Ravi Zacharias, quoted on

Every worldview must give an explanation…

At the outset, let us remember that every worldview—not just Christianity’s—must give an explanation or an answer for evil and suffering. Either evil categorically proves that God does not exist, as the atheist avows, or evil is “not ultimately real evil,” as the pantheist claims, or evil is most coherently explained by the Christian view of God and His purpose in creation. In short, this is not a problem distinctive to Christianity. It will not due for the challenger just to raise the question. This problem of evil is one to which we all must offer an answer, regardless of the belief system to which we subscribe.

Ravi Zacharias, from Jesus Among Other Gods, p. 108

The task of the apologist…

The task of the apologist is to clear the bushes so they (people) can get an unobstructed view of Christ.

Ravi Zacharias, from the A Meeting of the Minds lecture The New Age: A Foreign Bird With a Local Walk

Argument doesn’t save people…

Apologetics does not dominate our message; it under girds our message. Argument doesn’t save people, but it certainly clears the obstacles so they can take a direct look at the Cross.

Ravi Zacharias, from Just Thinking the triannual communique of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Fall 2005

Disagree without being disagreeable?..

When wrestling with these issues, why is it not possible to disagree without being disagreeable? Why is it not possible to discuss these issues without generating more heat than light? Is it not important to deal with these fundamental issues in a reasonable manner?

Ravi Zacharias

A relativistic West trying to defend itself…

Isn’t it interesting that the last twenty years of education have focused on sensitivity training and cross-cultural understanding, while the academy has focused its efforts on relativism and an anti-Christian curriculum? Witness now a relativistic West trying to defend itself with a misguided, absolutist, non-Christian worldview (Islam). Scholars thought they were evicting the Christian faith as to give themselves center-stage. They have run from the arms of a “Lion” into the arms of a “Bear” that will not allow them their own relativistic privileges. The Christian faith looks better and better all the time, if for no other reason than that the courtesy of disbelief is granted. That grace Islam seems incapable of offering even to its own people.

Ravi Zacharias, from RZIM letter dated February, 2006