Can you tell me who made everything?..

Enquirer: Excuse me interrupting, but can you tell me who made everything?
Theist: Yes; God made everything.
First atheist: Oh? So who made God?
Second atheist: We made God.
Theist: Then who made us?
First atheist: Evolution made us.
Theist: Who made evolution?
Second atheist: It’s part of everything; ‘everything’ made evolution.
Enquirer: Excuse me interrupting … but who made everything? Oh, never mind.

— Edgar Andrews, from Who Made God?, kindle location 334

Did they believe in a flat Earth?..

… did religionists really believe in a flat Earth before the advent of the scientific age? Not since Aristotle presented evidence for a spherical Earth in 330 BC, observing that southbound travellers see southern stars rising higher above the horizon.

— Edgar Andrews, from Who Made God?, kindle location 1559