True listening are a testimony of our faith…

In witnessing, the role of talking is frequently overemphasized. Does that sound strange? It’s true. Silence and especially true listening are often the strongest testimony of our faith. A major problem for Christian evangelism is not getting people to talk, but to silence those who through their continuous chatter reveal a loveless heart devoid of confidence in God.

Dallas Willard, quoted in Questioning Evangelism by Randy Newman, p. 248

He was the greatest thinker…

When we analyze the arguments of Jesus, we soon realize that he was the greatest thinker who ever set foot upon the earth. Contemporary philosopher Dallas Willard states,

We need to understand that Jesus is a thinker, that this is not a dirty word but an essential work, and that his other attributes do not preclude thought, but only insure that he is certainly the greatest thinker of the human race: “the most intelligent person who ever live on earth.” He constantly uses the power of logical insight to enable people to come to the truth about themselves and about God from the inside of their own heart and mind. Quite certainly it also played a role in his own growth in “wisdom.”

Norman Geisler, from The Apologetics of Jesus, p. 66

We have knowledge when…

We have knowledge when we have the ability to represent things as they are on an appropriate basis of thought and experience.

Dallas Willard, from The Genius of Jesus 4:05