This view of the chivalrous Saladin…

As Robert Irwin pointed out, “In Britain, there ha[s] been a long tradition of disparaging the Crusaders as barbaric and bigoted warmongers and of praising the Saracens as paladins of chivalry. Indeed, it is widely believed that chivalry originated in the Muslim East. The most perfect example of Muslim chivalry was, of course, the twelfth-century Ayyubid Sultan Saladin.”

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Charges leveled against Christian missionaries…

Perhaps the most bizarre of all the charges leveled against Christian missionaries (along with colonialists in general) is that they “imposed modernity” on much of the non-Western world. It has long been the received wisdom among anthropologists and other cultural relativists that by bringing Western technology and learning to “native peoples,” the missionaries corrupted their cultures, which were as valid as those of the West. Continue reading

5 Myths about Science

Myth #1: Science gives us more certain knowledge than philosophy or theology.
Myth #2: It is never rational to go against the views of the overwhelming percentage of experts in an area of science.
Myth #3: The success of science shows that other fields like philosophy and theology do not provide us with knowledge of reality.
Myth #4: The advances in neuroscience have shown that consciousness is merely physical states in the brain and that there is no need to postulate a spooky thing like a soul.
Myth #5: The church doesn’t need to teach parishioners about science; its job is to focus on the spiritual and moral lives of people.

J. P. Moreland, from 5 Myths about Science

Resist the Tyranny of Tolerance…

As Christians who care about truth and want to love our neighbors well as people made in the image of God, what are we to do? Here are three practical steps you can take to resist the Tyranny of Tolerance.

  1. Recognize the new moral code being imposed in our culture today.
  2. Prepare today for the conversations that are coming tomorrow.
  3. Stand up when you have the opportunity to graciously push back when your Christian convictions are challenged.

Jonathan Morrow, from 3 Practical Steps to Resist the Tyranny of Tolerance

The whole point of Christianity…

It is worth noting that the whole point of Christianity lies not in interference with the human power to choose, but in producing a willing consent to choose good rather than evil.

J. B. Phillips, quoted in The God Conversation by J. P. Moreland and Tim Muehlhoff, p. 27

The actions of wolves who wear wool…

Certainly organizations calling themselves ‘Christian’ have often had deleterious and even disastrous effects on human society. But such movements have clearly diverged at least as far from the gospel of Christ as they have from the restraints of common morality. Sheep ought not to be judged by the actions of wolves who wear wool.

Thomas Morris, quoted in Without a Doubt by Kenneth Richard Samples, kindle location 2363