What is the reason for everything?..

What is the reason for everything? Why am I here? Why is anything here? Why is anything important or good or beautiful? Why?

Greg Koukl, from The Story of Reality, kindle location 242

Which outlook or philosophy of life…

Which outlook or philosophy of life does the best job of dealing with the range of available evidence and human experience? Or, Is my perspective consistent with my life philosophy’s assumptions (e.g., regarding human rights or personal responsibility), or am I borrowing capital from another worldview to keep mine going?

Paul Copan, from Loving Wisdom, kindle location 123

The big questions of life…

… the big questions of life, the questions that most define who we are: What does it all mean? Does life have a purpose? Is death the end? Is there a God?

James Emery White, from A Mind for God, kindle location 457

Consider the worldview questions…

… consider the worldview questions posed by Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey: Where did we come from and who are we? What has gone wrong with the world? What can we do to fix it? How now shall we live?

James Emery White, from A Mind for God, kindle location 538

What factors have influenced your…

Do you know what factors have influenced your educational choices; your choice of vacation; your music preferences; your ways of relating to elderly relatives; your family’s dress and appearance; your view of children, of money, of marriage and divorce; your views of welfare, of global warming, of the military, etc.?

Philip Lancaster, from Family Man, Family Leader, p. 22

The “big picture” that directs our daily…

A person’s worldview is intensely practical. It is simply the sum total of our beliefs about the world, the “big picture” that directs our daily decisions and actions.

Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey, from How Now Shall We Live?, p. 14