The Designer has left his fingerprints everywhere…

Physicists and philosophers persuasively argue that the universe sprang into existence at the Big Bang. Either it all came from nothing, without a cause, or something outside the universe called it into being. Divine creation is surely more reasonable than chance origination because, as the ancients knew, “from nothing, nothing comes.” Continue reading

Evidence actually comes from science…

… there are a number of arguments and pieces of evidence that make belief in God more reasonable than disbelief. Some of this evidence actually comes from science:

  • the fact that the universe had a beginning based on the Big Bang theory and the second law of thermodynamics,
  • the existence of biological information in DNA that is closely analogous to intelligent language and that cannot arise from the accidental collisions of physical entities according to laws of nature,
  • the reality of the mental and free will according to a number of emerging psychological theories of the self,
  • the delicate fine-tuning of the universe,
  • and so on.

J. P. Moreland, from Jesus Under Fire, p. 10

A man must live in reality…

In fact, no non-Christian can be consistent to the logic of his presuppositions. The reason for this is simply that a man must live in reality…. No matter what a man may believe, he cannot change the reality of what is. As Christianity is the truth of what is there, to deny this, on the basis of another system, is to stray from the real world.

Francis Schaeffer, from The God Who Is There, p. 121

God’s existence is not naively assumed…

Belief in the God of Christian theism explains well the vast array of realities in human experience. These realities extend to the universe (its existence, order, and uniformity), abstract entities (numbers, propositions, and the laws of logic), ethical principles (universal and objective moral values), human beings (their existence, consciousness, and rationality), and religious phenomena (the miraculous events of Christianity). Continue reading

Why be a Christian?..

Why be a Christian rather than a Muslim, Buddhist, or atheist? Ultimately, because the Christian faith is true.

Paul Copan, from Loving Wisdom, kindle location 960