Resist the Tyranny of Tolerance…

As Christians who care about truth and want to love our neighbors well as people made in the image of God, what are we to do? Here are three practical steps you can take to resist the Tyranny of Tolerance.

  1. Recognize the new moral code being imposed in our culture today.
  2. Prepare today for the conversations that are coming tomorrow.
  3. Stand up when you have the opportunity to graciously push back when your Christian convictions are challenged.

Jonathan Morrow, from 3 Practical Steps to Resist the Tyranny of Tolerance

Asking Christians to betray their core convictions…

Christianity clearly and emphatically affirms social tolerance. But, when the American zeitgeist (spirit of the age) pressures evangelical Christians to adopt an intellectually tolerant, inclusivistic, and/or pluralistic view of truth, it is really asking Christians to betray the core convictions of their faith. How tolerant (respectful) is that?

Kenneth Richard Samples, from Without a Doubt, kindle location 2614

Now a faith is wrong for claiming there is truth…

So while Christianity used to be rejected by Enlightenment intellectuals because they thought its central beliefs had been disproven by science or philosophy, today it is disqualified on the grounds that it argues for a truth that is unchanging and universal. A particular faith used to be wrong on the basis of what was perceived to be truth; now a faith is wrong for claiming there is truth.

James Emery White, from A Mind for God, kindle location 186

To be merely tolerant is to be intolerant…

In the 1940s, rabbi and author Joshua Liebman offered this definition for tolerance: “Tolerance is the posture and cordial effort to understand another’s beliefs, practices, and habits without necessarily sharing or accepting them.” Today, Liebman’s definition has come to be known as “negative tolerance.” It has been angrily rejected in favor of a more open-minded “positive tolerance,” which could be defined this way: “Tolerance is the posture and cordial effort to understand another’s beliefs, practices, and habits, and to accept them as equally valid approaches to life.” It is no longer enough to simply understand. Today, to be merely tolerant is to be intolerant.

Tim Downs, from Finding Common Ground, kindle location 214

The actual impact is regress…

Ideologues may advance their idols under politically correct banners of tolerance, diversity, and fairness, but the actual impact is regress, not progress, fragmentation, not wholeness. People are crushed.

Nancy Pearcey, from Finding Truth, kindle location 101

The myth that says truth is intolerant…

What gives power to the myth that says “having truth is intolerant”? Its power comes from a picture—not a photograph or a painting but an image many people carry in their minds. In this picture, a man is being burned at the stake. He’s there because other people, who say they have the truth, are angry with him for saying that they don’t. Continue reading