Morals are morals, everyone has their own…

The following statements were from interviews done by Ligonier Ministries:

  • “If I don’t like it, then it’s wrong. If I like it, then it’s right. It’s as simple as that.”
  • “…from my experiences, what I can see and feel, basically just what feels right for me. There’s no particular thing that makes me say this is morally right or this is morally wrong.”
  • “The Bible doesn’t have much authority over my life, I basically go on my own, I have my own certain morals.”
  • “Whether something is right or wrong is very individual. I think that it all depends on the circumstances of your life. I decide whether something is wrong for me, if it’s not morally correct for me then I won’t do it. And if something’s good for me, if it’s going to make me happy or it’s going to get me what I want…”
  • “Morals are morals, everyone has their own.”
  • “I can say what’s true for me and I’m sure everyone can say what’s true for themselves, but I have no idea what’s true for everyone.”
  • “I think that it depends on the person that’s looking at the situation. I don’t think there’s absolute standards of right or wrong.”

R. C. Sproul, from Choosing Your Religion, message 1

For me, there is no God…

In discussing relativism, R. C. Sproul recounted the following discussion between himself and a young woman on a college campus:

Woman: Professor Sproul, you find religion meaningful…

Sproul: Yes

Woman: You pray to God…

Sproul: Yes Continue reading

In one society, a widow is burned on…

In one society, a widow is burned on the funeral pyre of her husband; in another, she is burned on the beach in Miami. In one society, people complain to the chef about the roast beef; in another, they send back the roast beef and eat the chef.

Hadley Arkes, quoted in Defending Life by Francis Beckwith, p. 6

History is told by the victors…

In recent years we have become accustomed to the idea that history is told by the victors and reflects the interests of the rich and powerful. Thus at school we learn about kings and queens, prime ministers and presidents. Recent scholars have shown that this traditional idea of history has neglected the concerns of ordinary people, while some feminist historians consider that women’s lives have been so far excluded that a new discipline of “her-story” (rather than “his- story”) is needed. Continue reading

Isn’t morality all just really relative?..

A student once asked, “Isn’t morality all just really relative? How do we even know that murder is wrong?” … I recognized at once that it was a smoke-screen…. So I responded, “Are you in any doubt about murder being wrong?” My student did not expect that reply…. Stumbling a bit he replied, “Some people might say that murder was right.” I pressed. Continue reading