Be the master of my mind…

Lord and Savior, true and kind,
be the master of my mind;

Bless and guide and strengthen still
all my powers of thought and will.

While I ply the scholar’s task,
Jesus Christ be near, I ask;

Help the memory, clear the brain,
knowledge still to seek and gain.

H. G. C. Moule, quoted in Love Your God With All Your Mind by J. P. Moreland, kindle location 1846

The transformation of the mind…

The transformation of the mind (Rom 12:2) requires more than merely the discovery of a truth. That truth must be plausible, we must believe it to be true, and we must be able to support that truth with conviction. Finally, we must make the truth central where it can make an impact on our daily lives.

J. P. Moreland and Mark Matlock, from Smart Faith, p. 64