A lifetime wasted away…

Young men need special restraints to avoid slavery to technological fighting, shooting, car-theft, fantasy role-playing, and action-adventure games. These games were designed to place a large ring in your nose and lead you, unresisting, back to the computer-game trough, hour after hour, day after day—a lifetime wasted away, heart pumping with artificially induced entertainment as you blow away the latest cyber bad guys.

Douglas Bond, from Stand Fast In the Way of Truth, p. 76

An entertainment mentality…

People now think that life (and even Christian ministry) must be entertaining at all costs…. The truth is that truth, and the most important truths, is often not entertaining. An entertainment mentality will insulate us from many hard but necessary truths. The concepts of sin, repentance and hell, for instance, cannot be presented as entertaining without robbing them of their intrinsic meaning. Jesus, the prophets and the apostles held the interest of their audience not by being amusing but by their zeal for God’s truth, however unpopular or uncomfortable it may have been.

Douglas Groothuis, from Truth Decay, p. 292

Educated into imbecility…

We have educated ourselves into imbecility, and amused ourselves into impotence.

Malcolm Muggeridge, quoted in “The Harvard Veritas Forum Question & Answer Session 2” by Ravi Zacharias, at 28:00

Most Americans consume 11 hours of…

Most Americans consume 11:48 (hours: minutes) of entertainment and information a day:

  • 4:54 TV
  • 1:54 Computer
  • 0:54 Computer Games
  • 4:06 Movies, Music, Phone, Printed Media, & Radio

University of California, San Diego, quoted in Laptop Magazine, March 2010, p. 28