Creation ex nihilo…

Consequently, creation ex nihilo means:

  1. The universe had an absolute origination (coming into being).
  2. The universe had an absolute beginning (start in time).
  3. God solely initiated or caused the creation.
  4. At the point of creation, the universe became a distinct temporal entity.
  5. While the universe is an independent reality from God, it nonetheless is continually dependent upon God’s intervening and sustaining power for its continued existence.
  6. Nothing other than God has an eternal, independent ontological status.

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While the creation is from the Father…

It appears from Scripture that it was the Father who brought the created universe into existence. But it was the Spirit and the Son who fashioned it, who carried out the details of the design. While the creation is from the Father, it is through the Son and by the Holy Spirit.

Millard Erickson, quoted in A World of Difference by Kenneth Richard Samples, kindle location 1701

God has created a real, external world…

God has created a real, external world. It is not an extension of His essence. That real, external world exists. God has also created man as a real, personal being and he possesses a ‘mannishness’ from which he can never escape.

Francis Schaeffer, from The God Who is There, p. 28