This is why Jesus is the only way to God…

Mankind faces a singular problem. People are broken and the world is broken because our friendship with God has been broken, ruined by human rebellion. Humans, you and I—are guilty, enslaved, lost, dead. All of us. Everyone. Everywhere. The guilt must be punished, the debt must be paid, the slave must be purchased. Promising better conduct in the future will not mend the crimes of the past. No, a rescuer must ransom the slaves, a kindred brother must pay the family debt, a substitute must shoulder the guilt. There is no other way of escape.

This is why Jesus of Nazareth is the only way to God, the only possible source of rescue. He is the only one who solved the problem.

Greg Koukl, from The Story of Reality, kindle location 2025

Distinction between persons and ideas…

Exclusivism and a proper form of intellectual intolerance are logically inescapable when it comes to truth-claims. Many who speak of tolerance in religious matters fail to recognize that a person can be personally and socially tolerant while simultaneously being (appropriately) intellectually intolerant. The latter stance makes the necessary distinction between persons and ideas or arguments. In fact, exclusivism is unavoidable in matters of religious truth for even the religious pluralist affirms an exclusivist belief that all religions are true.

Kenneth Richard Samples, from Without a Doubt, kindle location 2608

A single-minded devotion to truth…

The exclusiveness of the Christian truth-claim must always rest on the uniqueness of Christ. Christians are not immune from arrogance and bigotry. Yet arrogance and bigotry have no ally in Christ. Christ’s critique of these evil practices is more severe than any critic of Christianity can muster. At the same time this one who is so critical of arrogance and bigotry calls us to a single-minded devotion to truth. He claims to be that truth.

R. C. Sproul, from Reason to Believe, p. 45