Shouldn’t we opt on the side that is life?..

If we don’t know, then shouldn’t we morally opt on the side that is life? If you came upon an immobile body and you yourself could not determine whether it was dead or alive, I think that you would decide to consider it alive until someone could prove it was dead. You wouldn’t get a shovel and start covering it up. And I think we should do the same thing with regard to abortion.

Ronald Reagan, quoted in Abortion: A Rational Look At An Emotional Issue by R. C. Sproul, p. 115

The mother’s opinion of the fetus…

Consider three true statements regarding the legal situation in the United States:

  • In 35 states, killing a fetus is considered murder.
  • In federal crimes, killing a fetus is considered murder.
  • In 50 states, killing a fetus is not a crime.

How can all of these statements be true? The answer is in this question: “Who is the person doing the killing?” If the mother of the fetus requested that an abortion provider kill her fetus, it is not a crime in any of the 50 states. If the father of the fetus, or anyone else, kills the fetus without the woman’s consent, the charge can be as severe as murder….

It appears, then, that … the mother’s opinion of the fetus changes what the fetus is. If the mother doesn’t want the fetus and chooses to kill the fetus, it is a tissue mass destined to become medical waste. If the mother wants the fetus, and the fetus is killed, the fetus is a human being whose homicide is punished like the homicide of born children. This position, however incredible it seems, is precisely the legal situation in much of the United States.

Stephen Wagner, from Common Ground Without Compromise, p. 42

I don’t know when life begins…

I don’t know when life beings. I don’t know if it’s at conception, I don’t know if it’s half way through (the pregnancy), I don’t know if it’s at birth. I don’t know. But one thing I do know, it isn’t whenever the mother says it begins.

Dennis Prager, quoted by Greg Koukl on the 08/17/08 STR podcast

What is a fetus?

What is a fetus? The question is objective, not subjective. To determine the status of a fetus is not a matter of personal arbitrary caprice. The fetus is either alive or not alive. The fetus is either human, or not human. Continue reading