Welcome to my blog. I am the Commonplacing Christian and I have been commonplacing for a very long time, long before I knew that the activity had a name. In fact, it has been so long that when I revisit these quotes, I wonder why I thought some of them to be helpful or significant or instructive or provocative or disturbing or whatever reason I made note of them.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Yes, the Jesus. I am a follower of Jesus because of who He is, because of what He said, and because of what He has done. He is my Savior and King, and I hope that He is or will be yours also.

I am convinced that Christianity is true, not in the “true-for-me” sense, but true to what is—true to reality. Christianity makes sense of the world in which we live. Christianity is able to answer the “big questions” in life. Christianity, in fact, provides the best explanation for “the broad range of the universe’s features and of human experience.”

I created this blog in hopes that it will help you in this journey we call life. If it helps you think about our Lord in ways you never have—Soli Deo Gloria. If it helps clarify something you’ve wondered about—Soli Deo Gloria. If it causes you to question something you’ve always taken for granted —Soli Deo Gloria. If it simply opens a discussion between you and those in your life—Soli Deo Gloria. Enjoy…


“fides quaerens intellectum”

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