What is particularly distinctive about Christianity…

Christianity has much to say about God and about man. It claims to possess certain crucial insights into the character and purposes of God, and the nature and ultimate destiny of man. It makes claims concerning the meaning of life, and the significance of death. What is particularly distinctive about Christianity, however, is not just these crucial insights themselves, but the way in which we come to know about them in the first place. The Christian faith is ultimately based upon the person of Jesus Christ. Just as a lens may focus the complex elements of a picture into a single point of light, so the many elements of the Christian faith are focused upon the single historical person of Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus Christ? And why is he so important? The Christian understanding of God and man arises from the Christian understanding of the identity and significanceof Jesus Christ. In this sense, Jesus Christ may be said to be the foundation, the centre, the focus and the heart of the Christian faith.


— Alister McGrath, from Understanding Jesus, p. 11

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