Theism’s explanatory power…

Cumulative Case for Christian Theism’s Explanatory Power

Field Data
Cosmology The universe had a singular beginning (big bang cosmology); there was a beginning of time.
Astrophysics Nature’s laws appear fine-tuned to allow for human life (anthropic principle); so do the universe’s content and systems (galaxy, stars, planets, etc.).
Biology / Chemistry Life systems yield evidence of having been intelligently designed.
Anthropology / Psychology Human beings are richly endowed intellectually but morally flawed.
Neuroscience Humans possess consciousness and a capacity for intentionality and rational reflection.
Math Mathematical theories correspond with physical reality.
Logic As abstract entities the laws of logic are universal, invariant, and independent of human conventions.
Ethics Moral absolutes seem intuitively authentic, and moral relativism is self-defeating.
Religion Religion is a universal phenomenon, and religious experience seems intuitively real and consistent with biblical revelation.
History Credible historical reports corroborate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Philosophy Human beings crave meaning, purpose, and immortality.

Kenneth Richard Samples, from A World of Difference, kindle location 3170

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