Benefit from thinking “worldview-ishly”…

Evangelicals can greatly benefit from thinking “worldview-ishly.” Unfortunately, most do not. It appears as if the concept is largely either unknown or untried among most individual Christians.

The lack of appreciation for worldview-thinking negatively impacts doctrinal literacy, apologetic understanding, evangelistic fervor, and the living of a God-honoring life. Pollster George Barna’s survey in 2003 revealed discouraging news: “Only nine percent of born-again Christians hold a biblical worldview.” Barna further stated that “most Americans have little idea how to integrate core biblical principles to form a unified and meaningful response to the challenges and opportunity of life.”

This study also underscored that how a person thinks significantly influences his actions. A Christian who understands his worldview and can practically apply it exhibits an overall lifestyle that corresponds to a much greater degree with traditional Christian ethics and values. A believer who appreciates and values the historic Christian worldview is more likely to honor his marriage vows and avoid sexual promiscuity, divorce, and addiction to drugs and alcohol. That individual is also more likely to educate his children in the doctrines of the faith. In other words, a person’s worldview powerfully and dynamically impacts his moral choices in life.

Kenneth Richard Samples, from A World of Difference, kindle location 80

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