An unmistakable shiver in your liver…

While engaged in a ministry to high school students in Oklahoma, I once began a youth meeting with the following declaration: “This afternoon, I have a message from the Water Tower Monster. The Water Tower Monster is an awesome specter who lives beneath the water tower just outside of town beside Highway 59. His message is this: He wants everyone in town to believe in him. He says that if there are any unbelieving residents remaining at the end of one year, he will destroy the whole town. When you believe in him, you will experience an unmistakable shiver in your liver. The stronger your faith becomes, the more he will reinforce your faith through communication with your inner being. Are there any questions?”

After a few moments of restless silence, one student decided to humor me. “I live pretty close to the water tower. Why haven’t I ever seen this monster?”

“The Water Tower Monster is only visible to believers,” I replied.

Another spoke up, “Then you have personally seen the monster with your own eyes?”

“Oh, yes,” I replied. “Not, however, with my physical eyes. I see him with the eyes of my heart.” “The eyes of your heart?”

“Right. As I grow closer to the Water Tower Monster, the liver shivers become stronger and his presence is more clearly confirmed within.”

One boy looked especially perplexed. “Wait a minute. Are you talking about the eyes of your heart, or the eyes of your liver?”

“That’s right,” I said.

A girl probed further. “Has anyone else ever felt these liver shivers?”

“Of course. All true believers have them.”

“But how do you know the difference between a genuine ‘liver shiver’ and liver disease?” she continued.

“When you experience the real thing,” I explained , “there is no doubt about it. The inner message is as distinct as if the Water Tower Monster were speaking audibly.”

Finally, one of the kids could stand it no more. “This is ridiculous!” he exploded, to the obvious approval of all present.

“Tell me,” I replied. “Is your belief in God substantially different from such faith in the Water Tower Monster?”

What followed was a lively discussion of the basis of Christian faith. And many of those young people came to appreciate more than ever that their faith was not built upon a wholly subjective foundation, but upon the solid rock of God’s entrance into human history and His objective revelation to man.

Garry Friesen, from Decision Making and The Will of God, p. 89 (2004 edition)

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