One minute after we die…

One minute after we die, our minds, our memories, will be clearer than ever before. In chapter 2 we were reminded of Jesus’ story of the rich man who went to hades with his memory intact. He knew his family on earth, pleading, “I have five brothers.” Death does not change what we know; our personalities will just go on with the same information we have stored in our minds today.

Think back to your background: your parents, brothers, sisters, family reunions. Of course, you will remember all of this and more in heaven. Do you actually think you might know less in heaven than you do on earth? Unthinkable!

Once in heaven we will soon get to meet a host of others, some known to us in this life or through the pages of church history, others nameless in this world but equally honored in the world to come. On the Mount of Transfiguration, three of the disciples met Moses and Elijah. So far as we know, there was no need for introductions; no need for name tags. In heaven there will be intuitive knowledge, for our minds will be redeemed from the limitations sin imposed upon them.

Of course, we will not know everything, for such knowledge belongs only to God. But we shall “know fully,” even as we are “fully known” (1 Corinthians 13:12). In heaven, we will know just like we do on earth, except more so. Only our desire to sin will no longer be a part of our being.

Erwin Lutzer, from One Minute After You Die, kindle location 940

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