There is a law above the law…

I don’t know if you recall, but at the end of World War II there were the Nuremberg trials where they tried the German war criminals. The Nazi war criminals, to their defense, advanced a version of moral relativism [that is] called legal positivism [which] is roughly the idea that there is nothing that is really right or wrong—that right or wrong is solely what people believe in a culture. The war criminals said:

How can you judges, and other Western countries and America, fault us for what we did in the war? What gives you the right to tell us what our moral values ought to be in our culture? Each culture creates its own values, and everything is relative.

If you have a set of values in your culture that you want to live by, that’s your business. But in our culture we had [our own] set of values. We don’t expect you to live up to our values, but why should we have to answer to the moral principles of other societies [since] all law and morality is relative?

Well the judge in the Nuremberg trial make the following statement to that kind of defense. He said:

Your forgetting one thing, there is a law above the law. There is a law that transcends human law and it is because you violated the real, objective moral law that is woven into the fabric of the universe—[a law] that transcends human law—that is why you’re guilty.

Do you understand that if there is no objective law of morality in the universe that is above and beyond human creation, then in the final analysis what the Germans did to the Jews in World War II is not really wrong. Do you understand that?

J. P. Moreland, from Why Should I Believe in God?, at 1:00

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