For me, there is no God…

In discussing relativism, R. C. Sproul recounted the following discussion between himself and a young woman on a college campus:

Woman: Professor Sproul, you find religion meaningful…

Sproul: Yes

Woman: You pray to God…

Sproul: Yes

Woman: You like to go to church and sing hymns…

Sproul: Yes

Woman: You engage in fellowship activities…

Sproul: Yes

Woman: Since this is all so wonderful and meaningful to you, then for you God exists. But that’s irrelevant to me and to my life. I don’t find any meaning whatsoever in praying or in going to church or in singing hymns or doing any of that religious stuff. So for me, there is no God.

Sproul: I don’t think you understand. I’m not talking about my religious experience or your religious experience. We’re discussing the question of whether, in reality, there is such a being whom we call God.

I’m talking about a being who, if He does not exist in reality, all my praying and all my singing and all my preaching and all my church activities…all that stuff, if He in fact doesn’t exist, I don’t have the power to conjure Him up. I can’t create Him.

At the same time, I’m talking about a God, who if He exists apart from me and apart from you, all of your unbelief and all of your disinterest does not have the power to kill Him.

R. C. Sproul

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