The human body had to be created fully formed…

The origin of life could not have occurred by a gradual process but must have been instantaneous [because] every machine must have a certain number of parts for it to function…. Even most bacteria require several thousand genes to carry out the functions necessary for life…. The simplest species of bacteria, Chlamydia and Rickettsia [which are] about as small as it is possible to be and still be living … require millions of atomic parts…. All of the many macromolecules necessary for life are constructed of atoms … composed of even smaller parts … and the only debate is how many millions of functionally integrated parts are necessary….

Overly simplified, life depends on a complex arrangement of three classes of molecules: DNA, which stores the cell’s master plans; RNA, which transports a copy of the needed information contained in the DNA to the protein assembly station; and proteins, which make up everything from the ribosomes to the enzymes. Further, chaperons and many other assembly tools are needed to ensure that the protein is properly assembled. All of these parts are necessary and must exist as a properly assembled and integrated unit…. The parts could not evolve separately and could not even exist independently for very long, because they would break down in the environment without protection…. For this reason, only an instantaneous creation of all necessary parts as a functioning unit could produce life.

No compelling evidence has ever been presented to disprove this conclusion, and much evidence exists for the instantaneous creation requirement…. A cell can come only from a functioning cell and cannot be built up piece-meal … to exist as a living organism, the human body had to be created fully formed.

Jerry R. Bergman, quoted in Cosmos, Creator and Human Destiny, p. 225, from The Journal, Summit Ministries monthly newsletter, August, 2010, p. 6

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