Traditional interpretations … are considered passé…

Traditional interpretations of morality (based on biblical guidelines and nature) are considered passé. Today’s translation: Morality is relative.

The definition of the good life has changed. From Old Testament times until this century, the good life was understood to mean a life of intellectual and moral virtue. Happiness was understood as a life of virtue, and the successful person was one who knew how to live life well according to the creative design of God. Today’s translation: The good life means material success and public notoriety.

Freedom was traditionally understood as the power to do what one ought to do. And individual rights were important, but virtue and duty were more central than rights. Today’s translation: Freedom means we look out for number one.

Tolerance of the views of others meant that even though we might think those views wrong and will argue against them, we will defend the rights of others to argue their cases. We will also treat the other with respect as an image bearer of God. Today’s translation: Tolerance means we must shut up if we don’t agree.

J. P. Moreland and Mark Matlock, from Smart Faith, p. 27

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