If abortion is made illegal…

If abortion is made illegal because the law comes to recognize the unborn as intrinsically valuable human persons, legislatures, while crafting laws and penalties, and courts, while making judgments as to sentencing, will have to take into consideration the following facts.

  1. Unborn human beings are full-fledged members of the human community and to kill them with no justification is unjustified homicide.
  2. Because of a general lack of understanding of the true nature of the unborn child—likely due to decades of cultural saturation by abortion-choice rhetoric and little serious philosophical reflection on the pro-life position by the general public—most citizens who procure abortions do so out of well-meaning ignorance.
  3.  The woman who will seek and obtain an illegal abortion is really a second victim. Women who will seek illegal abortions will probably do so out of desperation. Not realizing at the time of the abortion that the procedure kills a real human being, some of these women suffer from depression and guilt feelings after finding out the true nature of the unborn.

Francis Beckwith, from Defending Life, p. 110

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