The Designer has left his fingerprints everywhere…

Physicists and philosophers persuasively argue that the universe sprang into existence at the Big Bang. Either it all came from nothing, without a cause, or something outside the universe called it into being. Divine creation is surely more reasonable than chance origination because, as the ancients knew, “from nothing, nothing comes.” We know this to be a cosmos, not a chaos. From the farthest star to the cells in our own bodies, we find evidence of order, regularity, and design. Our earth and its atmosphere are fine-tuned to support life in numerous ways. It is impossible to conceive that chance could have created creatures such as us. The Designer has left his fingerprints everywhere. Our sense of conscience that binds us to a higher moral authority reveals that God’s law is inscribed on our hearts. Morality is more than the movement of atoms in the brain. Our Creator and Designer is also our Lawgiver.

I have only sketched a few of the arguments for the existence of God. Suffice it to say that scores of intellectuals in science and philosophy have ardently and powerfully defended these and other claims.

Douglas Groothuis, from Jesus in An Age of Controversy, p. 32

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