God’s existence is not naively assumed…

Belief in the God of Christian theism explains well the vast array of realities in human experience. These realities extend to the universe (its existence, order, and uniformity), abstract entities (numbers, propositions, and the laws of logic), ethical principles (universal and objective moral values), human beings (their existence, consciousness, and rationality), and religious phenomena (the miraculous events of Christianity).

Thus while God’s essence can’t actually be seen, his existence can be inferred as an explanation for the necessary realities of life. However, God’s existence is not naively assumed as an explanation for human ignorance (a “god of the gaps” presumption), but rather as a genuine and valid explanatory theory for the nature of reality. Skeptical philosophies of life have real difficulties in explaining and justifying these realities.

— Kenneth Richard Samples, from Without a Doubt, kindle location 344

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