Christian theism’s greatest strengths…

One of Christian theism’s greatest strengths is the scope of its explanatory power. The historic Christian viewpoint accounts for the array of realities in nature and in human experience, including:

  1. The universe—its source and singular beginning, order, regularity, and fine-tuning.
  2. Abstract entities—the existence and validity of mathematics; the laws of logic; and scientific models (which include their correspondence to the time-space-matter universe as conceived in the mind of human beings)
  3. Ethics—the existence of universal, objective, and prescriptive moral values.
  4. Human beings—their existence, consciousness, rationality, free agency, enigmatic nature, moral and aesthetic impulse, and their need for meaning and purpose in life.
  5. Religious phenomena—humankind’s spiritual nature and religious experience; the miraculous events of Christianity; and the unique character, claims, and credentials of Jesus Christ.

These realities correspond to what the Bible teaches about God’s creating the universe and, in particular, human beings in his own image (imago Dei).


Kenneth Richard Samples, from “Connections”, the Reasons to Believe newsletter, First Quarter 2008, p. 7

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