The God of Islam differs from the God of the Bible…

However, the God of Islam differs from the God of the Bible in three important ways. First, the revelation given Muhammad does not identify Allah’s essence, character, and personhood, but rather only his divine will and commands. In fact, because Allah’s revelation was mediated entirely through the angel Gabriel, even Muhammad never encountered God. As Esposito explains, “In Islam, God does not reveal Himself, for God is transcendent, but rather His will or guidance.”

Second, there is no allowance for any plurality within Allah’s one divine nature. Third, in Islamic theology, either Allah is viewed as wholly transcendent or there is less emphasis upon God’s immanence. While some consider this perception a matter of theological emphasis, a strong case can be made for concluding that orthodox Islam’s concept of God stresses his transcendence at the expense of his immanence.

Kenneth Richard Samples, from A World of Difference, kindle location 2845

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