Start talking about the big issues again…

I once read of a woman who invited a philosopher on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce to speak to a group of young leaders. In making her request, this is what she wrote:

When I was eighteen and in college, we used to sit up late at night and talk about important things—God, death, good, evil, meaning, and love. Now when we get together with friends all we ever talk about is what the kids are doing, what’s on sale at the mall, who Notre Dame is playing in football.

Could you come and speak to our group and maybe help us to start talking about the big issues again?

We all need to talk about the big issues again. But the call runs deeper. We need to think and talk about the big issues in light of our faith. This is the difference between the shallow pools of information and the deep waters of wisdom.

James Emery White, from A Mind for God, at 9:15

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