Even if the evidence is available…

Notice how [Douglas] Futuyma conflates these definitions (of science) in the following statement taken from Science on Trial: The Case for Evolution, the most widely used college evolutionary textbook:

The fact is, in the scientific sense, there can be no evidence for supernatural special creation. Belief in special creation must rest on faith, on the authority of the Bible and its most literal interpreters. The fundamental conflict, then, is between two incompatible ways to knowledge. Science emphasizes evidence and logical deduction, and is forever uncertain. It deals not with irrefutable facts engraved on stone tablets, but with hypotheses that may be refuted by tomorrow’s experiments and concepts formulated by fallible human minds. The best scientific education encourages skepticism, questioning, independent thought, and the use of reason.

How does Douglas Futuyma know in advance there “can be no evidence for supernatural special creation”? Because it’s stipulated in the definition. Even if evidence is available, it cannot be allowed.

Greg Koukl, from “Evolution: Dancing on the Titanic”, STR article

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