Would anybody even tolerate X?..

Suppose there was some other practice, not divorce, and not connected to sex in any way—let’s call it X—that had three results. First of all, it betrayed the person you promised never to betray; it broke the most solemn promise you ever made in your life, your promise to that person you claimed to love more than anything else. It deliberately lied to him, cheated on him, threw him away like garbage, after you said to him, “Trust me, come to me, I will never abandon you.” Second, suppose X also betrayed your children, broke your promise of security to them, scarred them for life—the vulnerable little ones that you procreated, that you are responsible for, that you promised to protect. Suppose it hurt them more than anything else in their whole life and made it twice as hard for them to be happy and succeed at anything, especially their marriages. Finally, suppose X undermined your society as surely as termites undermine a house. Suppose X turned the bricks your society was made of into sand. It destroyed the most fundamental of all building blocks of society, the family. Suppose X did to millions what it did to your family: it destroyed people; it destroyed lives; it destroyed your society. Now imagine X didn’t have anything to do with sex. Wouldn’t X be universally condemned? Would any sane human being speak up in defense of X? Would anybody even tolerate X? Yet those three things are exactly what divorce does, and yet you tolerate it; you defend it; you do it.

Peter Kreeft, from A Refutation of Moral Relativism, kindle location 2895

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