We have replaced our hunger for truth…

We are soldiers in the greatest battle of all time taking great casualties because we have abandoned our weapons. This has happened because our hunger for experience—especially an experience of revelation—has replaced our hunger for truth. This is evidenced by three traditions in Evangelicalism that have led us into foolishness and danger.

  • The first tradition is the “Ouija Bible” means of reading the Scripture. (see lecture notes for details)
  • The second tradition is trying to decode the cipher of God’s will. (see lecture notes for details)
  • The third tradition is learning to hear the voice of God.

[The third tradition] is foolish because it suggests God is trying and failing. It is dangerous because … it teaches that every Christian is entitled to special, inerrant, personal revelation from God. It authorizes believers to assign the authority of divine decree to their passing thoughts. Immature Christians are especially vulnerable to this.

Greg Koukl, from the Truth to Experience lecture notes, p. 23-24

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