If you take the Bible out of context…

Any time you take the Bible out of context you destroy the intent of God’s Word. That’s why you cannot take instances of special revelation and make them normative for the Christian experience…. When he [Paul] did experience a special revelation, seeing a vision of a man calling him to Macedonia, he obeyed. But the special revelation of God was a rare and unique experience, even for Paul…. We cannot take special circumstances and make them the norm by which we live our lives. Special revelation for guidance was not the normal apostolic experience. And at the time it was received (by Paul, by Philip, by Peter as he lay on his roof) it was not being sought…. Special revelation came at a time when God wanted to lead them apart from the normal way in which His people make choices.


Bruce Waltke, quoted in Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung, p. 71

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