All it takes is faith and trust…

All it takes is faith and trust, … oh, and just a little bit of pixie dust. Now, think of the happiest things, it’s the same as having wings. You can fly, you can fly; come on everybody, here we go off to Neverland.

May I submit to you that Peter Pan theology, however charming and erudite, is just irrational. Any interpretation of reality not in accord with the facts about reality is just a fairy tale which no rational person should believe.

It is not a rational thing to worship and pray to somebody who isn’t really there, or to think that he is there no matter what the facts just because you believe in him.

Fortunately we have no need to engage in such theological salvage operations. The essential historical facts undergirding Jesus resurrection are recognized as well established by the majority of biblical critics.

The Christ of faith, who lives in my heart today, is the same person who once walked the shores of Galilee, hung on a Roman cross, and rose triumphantly from the tomb for our salvation.

William Lane Craig, from Will the Real Jesus Please Stand up! debate with John Dominic Crossan

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