Creation ex nihilo…

Consequently, creation ex nihilo means:

  1. The universe had an absolute origination (coming into being).
  2. The universe had an absolute beginning (start in time).
  3. God solely initiated or caused the creation.
  4. At the point of creation, the universe became a distinct temporal entity.
  5. While the universe is an independent reality from God, it nonetheless is continually dependent upon God’s intervening and sustaining power for its continued existence.
  6. Nothing other than God has an eternal, independent ontological status.

Conversely, creation ex nihilo does not mean:

  1. That the universe was created either in God or out of God’s being. (Nor does it mean the universe was part of God or emanated from God.)
  2. The universe was made of preexisting materials such as matter.
  3. God created the world out of a nothing that was an actual “something.”
  4. God wound up the universe so it could then run on its own power.

 — Kenneth Richard Samples, from A World of Difference, kindle location 1749

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