No reason to be angry…

Let us bear in mind the final words of Peter’s admonition—that when we give reasons for our hope, we do so “with gentleness and respect (1 Pet. 3:15). A living example of the right attitude is Ron Greer, an ex-offender who once hated all white people but then gloriously converted and is now a Prison Fellowship instructor and pastor of an evangelical church in Madison, Wisconsin. Greer was dismissed from his regular job at a fire department for passing out Christian tracts describing homosexuality as a sin. Madison’s homosexual activists were enraged and stormed into Greer’s church, disrupting the service, throwing condoms at the altar, and shouting obscenities. Ron Greer responded by graciously inviting them to join in the worship service.

Later, when the press asked how he had kept his cool, he smiled and said, “I have no more reason to be angry with them than I would with a blind man who stepped on my foot.” Precisely. Most of those who object to Christianity are simply spiritually blind, and our job is lovingly to help bring them into the light.

 — Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey, from How Now Shall We Live?, p. 32

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