Life and sex are gifts…

On one occasion a press reporter challenged me by charging that Christians hold to a double standard when they say they are against racism but at the same time are prejudiced against homosexuality. “Is that not somewhat duplicitous?” she chided. I knew she was genuine in her concern, so I said, “Race is a very sacred thing. It is the gift of God to each individual. It is something in which we had no choice or say. We were born with our ethnicity; it is not a culturally assigned quality. Therefore, it should never be violated. In the same way, sex is a gift of God, to be treated with sanctity. We protect sexuality from being violated as much as we protect race from being violated. It is you who have to explain to me why you treat race as sacred and at the same time desacralize sexuality. That is where the duplicity really lies.”

There was an ominous silence on her part and then she said, “I have never thought of it that way.”

Isn’t it amazing that we can go through life holding passionately to our views, yet never pausing to ask ourselves why that view is inviolable? Life and sex are gifts, and marriage shares them to the fullest.

Ravi Zacharias, from I, Isaac, take Thee Rebekah, p. 67

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