Christian students worldview…

The Nehemiah Institute has been conducting the PEERS test for decades—it tests worldview (

What does that test look like? Here’s the breakdown of the scale of the PEERS test:

  • Anything from 70-100 is called Biblical theism—that’s what they would expect Bible scholars and professors to score.
  • Moderate Christian worldview, 30-69—that is what they’d expect mature Christians to score. You’re a Christian and you have a Christian worldview—30-69.
  • Secular humanism, 0-29.
  • Socialism, anything below 0.

So what do their test results look like?

  • Biblical scholars average 87.8, just where you’d expect between the 70-100 range.
  • Humanists average a negative 45, just where you would expect.
  • Christian school faculty—these are folks who teach in your average Christian school, high school. They average 52.9, again, where you would expect them—in that 30-69 range.
  • Home school students average 48.6, just behind Christian school faculty.
  • Christian students in Christian schools average 27.8, which is just below the moderate Christian worldview seeping into the secular human[ist] worldview….
  • Christian students in public schools average 7.9 on the PEERS test, the low end of secular humanism falling into Marxist socialism.

Since 1988, 90% of Christian students who have taken the PEERS test have scored below the moderate Christian worldview level—90%.

Voddie Bauchum, from Whoever Controls the Schools Rules the World, at 25:11

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