Scientist’s philosophical assumptions…

… many scientists don’t realize just how many scientifically unprovable philosophical assumptions they make:

  • A physical, mind-independent world exists. Some Eastern philosophical schools deny its existence.
  • Certain laws of logic are inescapable, universal, and necessary. Without them, thought would be impossible. This assumption isn’t the result of mere fact-inspection.
  • The human mind can understand the natural world.
  • There are important criteria for a decent hypothesis (elegance, simplicity).
  • Nature is, generally speaking, uniform and thus capable of observation and study.
  • What we observe in nature can provide clues and indicators of unobservable processes and patterns (subatomic particles, gravitation).
  • We trust our reason and sensory abilities, believing they don’t regularly deceive us.
  • Scientists often place great personal trust in others’ research as reliable.

Paul Copan, from Loving Wisdom, kindle location 1621

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