When we attempt to play God…

When we attempt to play God, we do so with some knowledge of what is involved. Because we are made in His image, we have an inherent sense of what qualities reside in such a role, and we can display fanatical preoccupation with them.

One such preoccupation is the intense desire to be blameless. We want our appearance to be faultless. We want our work to be above criticism. We justify ourselves in all our actions. We are defensive about our mistakes. We have excuses for our failures. We hide our faults.

Not only do we want to be above reproach, but we also want to be better than others. We want to get the credit. In comparison with others, we want to be recognized as possessing more quality, more material things, a better personality, and greater beauty in spite of any evidence to the contrary. Using whatever standards are in fashion, we want to be placed above the common man.

This is not to be confused with those whose gift involves comparison with others, those who are genuinely unique or who love healthy competition or advancement. We are referring to the lust in us to be above all others, the self-centeredness in all mankind.

Ralph Mattson, from Finding a Job You Can Love, p. 94

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