Jesus is not your boyfriend…

I don’t know how we managed to do this, but in the twentieth century and into the twenty-first century, we’ve managed to make a church that appeals more to the spiritual nature of women than to men.

I’ve got to tell you, I’m very uncomfortable standing up and singing a love song to Jesus. It just seems perverse to me. Jesus is not your boyfriend, Jesus is not your girlfriend, Jesus is the savior of the world—almighty God incarnate.

If you’ve ever wondered why the guys are just standing there mumbling the words or just looking around. By the way, in chapel programs I tell people “Don’t add worship to your chapel program.” Well, why not? Because you cannot make a person worship…. In Christianity you cannot make a kid worship God. So to make him sing words of worship is forcing him to be a hypocrite.

What I suggest to schools is that if you have a chapel program to bring spiritual, theological instruction—fantastic. Take the worship program and separate it out. Anybody who wants to come worship God in song can come to this, but you don’t have to come. That way, if they do come, you can hold them accountable.

Jeff Myers, from Where Are the Men?, the Twelve Disciples section at 2:25

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