What we are suffering from today is…

What we are suffering from today is, frankly, an embarrassment of riches. Even with all of the excellent translations we have today, Christians are reading their Bibles less and less.

Ever since Wycliffe made the first English translation, Christians have been marked with a hunger for God’s word; and yet today we are marked by apathy and laziness. Most of us spend more time playing video games in one day than we do spend time reading the Bible in a whole month.

The evangelical church, frankly, is sitting on the brink of disaster because of the increasing marginalization of the word of God. And if the word of God is marginalized, then God is marginalized.

Frankly, we’re in desperate need of another reformation. The enemy of the gospel now is not religious hierarchy, but personal anarchy; not tradition, but entertainment.

Daniel Wallace, from Why So Many Translations? at 36:09

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