The full humanness of the prenatal…

The following summary is vivid testimony to the full humanness of the prenatal child (a girl in this instance):

First Month—Actualization

Conception—All her human characteristics are present She implants or “nests” in her mother’s uterus (one week) Her heart muscle pulsates (three weeks)

Her head, arms, and legs begin to appear

Second Month—Development

Her brain waves can be detected (forty to forty-two days) Her nose, eyes, ears, and toes appear

Her heart beats and blood (her own type) flows

Her skeleton develops

She has her own unique fingerprints

She is sensitive to touch on her lips and has reflexes

All her bodily systems are present and functioning

Third Month—Movement

She swallows, squints, and swims

She grasps with her hands, moves her tongue

She can even suck her thumb

She can feel organic pain (eight to thirteen weeks)

Fourth Month—Growth

Her weight increases six times (to one-half birth weight) She grows up to eight to ten inches long

She can hear her mother’s voice

Fifth Month—Viability

Her skin, hair, and nails develop

She dreams (REM sleep)

She can cry (if air is present) She can live outside the womb

She is only halfway to her scheduled birth date

Norman Geisler, from Christian Ethics, p. 150

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