Interviews with 240 newspaper and…

A study based on hour-long interviews with 240 newspaper and broadcast journalists from the most influential media centers in the United States—New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Time (magazine), Newsweek (magazine), U.S. News and World Report, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS—found that 90 percent think that a woman has a right to choose abortion. Among the other findings: 50 percent had no religious affiliation; 8 percent attended synagogue or church every week, while 86 percent seldom or never attended; 15 percent felt strongly that adultery was wrong; 20 percent identified themselves as Protestant; one in eight claimed to be Catholic; 85 percent believed that homosexuals have a right to teach in the public schools.

With such a large number of journalists who have a predisposition against traditional values, it stretches credibility to the limit to suppose that the media will paint a friendly picture of those who support the values they oppose.

Francis Beckwith, from Matters of Life and Death, p. 109

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