If you want a good marriage…

Consider some of the effective programs that Marriage Savers brings together:

Smart Dating: A couple’s habits of relating to one another are formed long before they walk down the aisle. That means the church must begin by helping dating couples, and the first message they need to hear is that if you want a good marriage, avoid premarital sexual relations. The National Survey of Family Growth found that women who were not virgins when they got married have a 71 percent higher divorce rate. Saying no to premarital sex means saying yes to a stronger marriage.

Trial Is Error: Many couples regard living together as a sort of trial marriage, a way to test their compatibility, making for a better marriage later. But the reality is just the opposite:

Cohabitation is almost certain to destroy their chances of a good marriage. About 90 percent of the couples who live together say they want to get married, but the National Survey of Families and Households found that almost half break up before signing a marriage license. Those who do marry are 50 percent more likely to divorce. Living together is not preparation for marriage; it literally sets up couples for failure.

Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey, from How Now Shall We Live?, p. 327

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