How easy it is to stumble…

How easy it is to stumble if you don’t take the precautions long before and draw the lines well ahead of time.

Ravi Zacharias, from the Mirror for the Soul lecture

You can have feelings without having love…

Love is a commitment of the will to the true good of another person. Of course, people who love each other usually do have strong feelings too, but you can have those feelings without having love. Love, let me repeat, is a commitment of the will to the true good of another person.

J. Budziszewski, from How to Stay Christian in College, p. 100

A kind of gooey love…

So often people think that Christianity is only something soft, only a kind of gooey love that loves evil equally with good. This is not the biblical position. The holiness of God is to be exhibited simultaneously with love.

Francis Schaeffer, from The Mark of the Christian, p. 175 (of The Great Evangelical Disaster)

Love compelled is a precursor to loneliness…

The skeptic asks why God could not have made us to always choose good. Philosophers of note have raised this as the sharpest edge of their challenge to Christianity. But here, too, the challenge violates reason.

Alvin Plantinga of the University of Notre Dame, who is considered by many to be the most respected Protestant philosopher of our time, has made a strong and compelling argument against this challenge of the skeptic. He argues that this option bears a false view of what God’s omnipotence means. We must realize that God cannot do that which is mutually exclusive and logically impossible. God cannot make square circles. The terms are mutually exclusive. Continue reading

And finally he is damned…

Puritan Jeremy Taylor described the incremental decline that a young man should expect to pass through if he forges friendships with worldly heroes and their sin: “First it startles him, then it becomes pleasing, then easy, then delightful, then frequent, then habitual, then confirmed, then the man is impenitent, then obstinate, then resolves never to repent, and finally he is damned.”

Douglas Bond, from Stand Fast In the Way of Truth, p. 230

A sane, wise young man will take note…

The more absorbed you are in entertainment and popular amusements, the more incongruous praying will seem and the more unreal and irrelevant heaven and eternity will seem to you. A sane, wise young man will take note.

Douglas Bond, from Stand Fast In the Way of Truth, p. 265

Should we ape the insanity of our culture?..

There is no good reason to have video games in the youth room of a church. They get too much of that elsewhere. Let church be a place that is different, reverent: a place to learn and pray and praiseand not, for God’s sake, a place to be further distracted. I taught in a room today that had six video screens, and I had to kick out (politely) kids playing video games. Should we ape the insanity of our culture? No, we must expose it.

Douglas Groothuis, from